Privacy Policy

Protection of Personal Information

April 1, 2005
Futaba Denshi Corp.(S) Pte Ltd.

Futaba Denshi Corp.(S) Pte Ltd. (hereinafter called Futaba), in relation to agreement or transaction with customers, recognizes importance of the protection of personal information. At the same time, Futaba considers that the protection of personal information is Futaba’s social obligation and responsibility based on Japanese laws.  Therefore, Futaba establishes the company policy to protect personal information and encourages all the employees to understand this policy well.

1. Collection, use and provision of personal information

1.1 Before collecting and using personal information, Futaba shall clarify the purpose. Then, Futaba shall collect personal information and use it in an adequate manner within the permissible extent.

1.2 Except the case where it is obligated to disclose personal information by law, Futaba shall, in no case, disclose or provide the personal information to any third parties without prior consent of the customer who entrusted it.

2. Respect for individual rights

Futaba respects the individual rights regarding the personal information.  When a person who entrusted the personal information requests to disclose his/her own information, Futaba shall reply to the request within the reasonable period of time and extent.  When any error is found or change is to be made in a customer’s personal information, Futaba shall take an immediate action to correct or make a change within the reasonable period of time only after the customer is properly identified.

3. Appropriate security control of personal information

Regarding the entrusted personal information, Futaba will take a reasonable action to implement adequate safety measures to protect the personal information from unauthorized access, alteration, destruction, leakage, loss, etc.

4. Continuous improvement of the protection system

To continuously improve the security control system of personal information, Futaba will, from time to time, review the security control system.  To always keep the security control system updated, Futaba will make an effort to know what change will be made in the related laws and regulations, social standards and information technology.

Purpose to use personal information

  1. To reply to inquiries from customers,
  2. To send out the catalog/information requested by customers,
  3. To provide customers with information, such as notice of services, information on customer support, etc., and
  4. To reflect customers’ remarks and comments to the improvement of website or services in various fields.